We see and feel design in everything.  We design everything.  We believe in doing things passionately, or not doing them at all.  We believe that our work should be, and is fun, and challenging… simultaneously… all of the time…  We believe above all that good design makes the world a better place, shines a light, and gives more meaning to all that touch it. We concentrate our design efforts in the arena of experiential design, retail, and events for large and small brands alike.


CB Creative Studio was started by myself, Chris N. Bradley in 2012, after leaving my last full time position as Creative Director of Retail at Skullcandy. My background in Architecture and Urban Planning, combined with my love of Brand, Pop Culture and Music, have made for an interesting set of skills which play well whilst designing Brand Environments. We are lucky enough to have worked with some of the best and brightest brands in the world.  Let us help you shape your consumer experience.