Kobe 9 Prelude Pack - Nike Vault Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA (Nike Basketball):

The Kobe Prelude Pack features all eight of Bryant’s signature shoes engineered for performance. The collection celebrated his career accomplishments and fused them with historical art movements. This infusion of performance design mixed with art paints a small picture for what’s to come for the KOBE 9 Elite. Each shoe was to be released one week at a time, leading to the launch of the Kobe 9.

The brief was to not only create a dramatic setting for this 8 week unveiling, but also to commission an artist that could create a piece that could be revealed on the day of the shoe launch. We worked closely with the artists at every stage so that the final piece represented the story behind each shoe, and make the sure the color pallet complimented each shoe.Kobe I by Allison Hueman Torneros, Kobe II by Kris Kuksi, Kobe III by Owen Schmitt, Kobe IV by Victor Reyes, Kobe V by Tristan Easton, Kobe VI by Mark Dean Veca, Kobe VII by Tim Biskup, Kobe VIII by Alberto Mielgo.

To tease the new Kobe 9 silhouette, we shrouded it and made it appear to be pushing through the surface of the wall. This notion of shrouding was also used to drape each piece of artwork prior to each shoe drop.

Creative Direction // Chris N. Bradley and Scott Denton-Cardew

Design and Art Direction on String Sculpture // Chris N. Bradley

Fabrication and Installation // Gallagher Design LA