Nike has had many signature athletes over its 40 year history, Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, Charles Barkley and more recently Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Kevin Durant. To announce their latest ambassador, Nike invited 20 of the worlds sneaker and sports media as well as 1 million Facebook viewers (via live web stream) to New York to witness the induction of Cleveland Cavaliers All Star point guard Kyrie Irving into this exclusive club. 

We were asked to set the visual language for the event, curate a signature athlete gallery that illustrated previous athletes and their shoe, as well as design the main presentation room- working closely with the Nike Global Communications group, the production company and Facebook.
We used the existing Kyrie Logo and incorporated it with the pattern from the shoe to create an exclusive invitation that we designed and managed the production and was delivered in a wax sealed envelope.

For the athlete gallery, we worked closely with Nike DNA to pull the most impactful shoes as well as researching athlete imagery from Getty.

Creative Direction // Chris N. Bradley & Scott Denton-Cardew

Fabrication and installation // Satis&Fy NYC

Invitation production // Premier Press, Portland OR