Hurley had once again tasked us with creating a visual inspiration room around a few words which described the clothing designers' ideas for the season.  This time around it was "Military Prep" ... so naturally we decided to rent a real Veitnam War Qwansit Hut and had it built in the parking lot at Hurley HQ.  The "Air Drop Crates" as seen on the right served as display and were functional as well.  These where shipped right out around the country and a version of this room was built as a trade show booth for the season at multiple shows. Just unpack and plug in.  The chairs were a fun addition.  We took a print of digital camo that the designers had been working with as the lining for the pinnacle jackets in this collection and dye sublimated the Hurley 10 color bar theory over the top of it and recovered some old chairs that we had painted black with this fabric.  These chairs served as thrones for VIP's to come in, sit down, and watch a brief brand video about the inspiration and collection for the season.  The two pinacle hjackets for the collection were displayed at the end in crates made completely of white plexiglass with light pushing through them from below.

Creative Direction and Design // Chris N. Bradley, Israel Kandarian

Fabrication and Install // Max McDonald, Chris N. Bradley, Ryan Clemens